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敏感词 Translation
严家其 Yan Jiaqi
世界通訊 WorldCom
一寸山河一寸血 World War Two in Asia (Taiwanese documentary)
世维会 World Uyghur Congress
User_支持法輪功 User_Support Falun Gong
User_平反六四 User_Redress June. 4 Incident
User_江澤民理論體系 User_Jiang Zeming Theory System
User_香港民主黨 User_Hong Kong Democratic Party
User_反藏獨 User_Anti Tibet Independence
User_反對法輪功 User_Anti Falun Gong ("Dharma Wheel Practice")
中国泛蓝联盟 Union Of Chinese Nationalists
万里 Thousand Miles
世界維吾爾青年代表大會 The World Uyghur Youth Congress (WUYC)
世界經濟導報 The World Economic Herald
中國六四真相 the truth of Tiananmen Square
九常委 the Nine Standing Committee Members of CPC (Communist Party of China) Politburo
中国社会主义青年团 Socialist Youth League of China
上海帮 Shanghai Clique
七不讲 Seven things not to discuss
丹麥裔俄羅斯人 Russian of Danish descent
中共中央宣傳部 Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China
中国人民解放军总后勤部 People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department
乌尔凯西 Örkesh Dölet
一党专政 One-party system
一个孤僻的人 One Recluse (documentary)
一个中心两个基本点 One central task (of economic construction) and two basic points (f adhering to the four cardinal principles and the policies of reform, opening to the outside world and invigorating the domestic economy)
东西南北论坛 Omnitalk
九评共产党 Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
中国持不同政见者列表 List of Chinese Dissidents
中华人民共和国被封锁网站列表 List of Blocked Websites in PRC