The map below shows where 1616 blocked domains are hosted in the world based on the geolocation information extracted from their IP addresses. These blocked domains are among world’s top one million domain names, ranked by

Three different methods have been detected to be used by Chinese government to censor the domains. They include 1) DNS pollution, 2) HTTP request reset, 3) IP blacklist. HTTP request reset is the most common way to censor a domain. The GREEN dots on the map shows domains blocked by HTTP request rest. When the censorship bureau gets serious, combinations of methods are applied to make sure Chinese citizens can never access a domain in normal ways. The ORANGE dots on the maps shows domains blocked by combinations of HTTP reset, plus DNS pollution. The RED dots shows domains blocked by combinations of HTTP reset, DNS pollution and IP blacklist.

How to interact with the map:

The map is ZOOMABLE!!! Hovering the mouse over a dot to view its details.

Domain Name Block Method Global Traffic Rank Domain Description